We are a producers and marketers specialized in stone and pip fruit, which integrates the entire value chain of the product into its activities, from harvesting to marketing. To process this production, we have an advanced technology fruit and vegetable plant, which provides us with a homogeneous packaging capacity.

From our facilities, we sell to different European countries, guaranteeing at all times the optimum point of product freshness.

We have modern facilities, with quality certifications. Focusing our effort, mainly, on the planting of new varieties, production equipment, machinery and facilities, to offer higher quality and food safety in our products to the customer and end consumer.


Export vocation

Alange Fruits S.L is an Extremaduran company whose business model is very aware of internationalization. For this reason, we export most of its production outside our borders.

Spain is the leading exporter of fruit and vegetables in the European Union and one of the top three exporters in the world. The sector has a clear export vocation since 47% of production (average 2008 - 2012) is destined for export, being also the first subsector within the set of exports of the agri-food sector.

Exports have a growing evolution in recent years both in volume and value.

Extremadura is among the leading producers and marketers of plums.


Alange Fruits S.L, focuses its efforts on the star crops of our Region, which are peach, nectarine, plum, pear, Paraguayan. We are also dedicated to the intermediation of citrus fruits, berrys, cherries, nuts, greens and vegetables.

In this sense, Alange Fruits, applies all available measures at its disposal to guarantee the implementation of a production system capable of meeting the demands and requirements of society in terms of guarantees of quality, innovation, health and safety of its products, ensuring in addition, the sustainability of agricultural activity, as well as respect for the environment and useful fauna.

To guarantee the success of its productions, Alange Fruits, has selected to locate its production centers the most suitable areas of Extremadura to establish its crops, located between Vegas Bajas-Vegas Altas, in the Merida region.